Wow. Can you believe these are quilts? Sherri Lynn Wood of Daintytime is offering 10% off of her absolutely beautiful quilts to wetbehindthears readers!

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Jessie B. Telfair
Posted 1 month ago on Wednesday, September 14 at 1:01pm
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Loops Yarncraft Festival.


Posted 7 months ago on Friday, February 25 at 4:00pm
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Artists: Kim Eichler-Messmer.

I have a deep love for the first quilt. via.

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I will be making a quilt similar to this for my partner. It’s called a wedding ring quilt and is supposed represent wedding rings and the intertwining lives in marriage. And it’s really pretty. My partner and I had decided to do gift offerings to each other as part of the ceremony and mine will be this, only it will come on our one year anniversary.  I’m going to do 12 circles instead. My partner also says he doesn’t want the background white… but I might have to talk him out of that.
JW (by Amber-Rae Orchard)