I am now thinking of ways that I can implant a little vase on my shoes or somewhere on my body so that I can wear live flowers. Maybe one of those things they put grooms flowers in.

Dries Van Noten, S/S 2010.

Belle Jar Vintage is offering wetbehindthears readers 25% off. Lots of lovely vintage clothing and accessories. They also have a brick and mortar store in LA. Just use the code “WETBEHINDTHEARS” at checkout!

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I had a really hard time narrowing down which pieces I wanted to feature on this post. Simplicityisbliss has several pages of beautiful dresses and other vintage things that are so lovely I can hardly stand it. Simplicityisbliss is going to offer wetbehindthears readers 15% off their entire purchase by using the code “wetbehindthears” at checkout!… I might buy all of the following pieces.

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Delightful Deals: Goldenponies.

Goldenponies is a wonderful shop which sells shoes and bags designed and hand-crafted in Mexico and they are offering 10% off to wetbehindthears readers! Just use the code “wetbehindthears” at checkout.

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Sydney Williams photographed by Heidi Slimane.
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Delightful Deals: The Exhausted Etiquette.



1 a delightful evening: pleasant, lovely, pleasurable, enjoyable; amusing, entertaining, diverting; gratifying, satisfying; marvelous, wonderful, splendid, sublime, thrilling; informal great, super, fabulous, fab, terrific, heavenly, divine,grand, brilliant, peachy, ducky.

 2 the delightful Sally: charming, enchanting, captivating, bewitching, appealing;sweet, endearing, cute, lovely, adorable, delectable, delicious, gorgeous,ravishing, beautiful, pretty; informal dreamy, divine.

Delightful Deals is a new type of post that I’ll be doing (hopefully often). It’s an opportunity for me to share artists, jewelers, photographers, vintage resellers, and creative types in general that I love and a chance for you guys to get a discount on their goods. I’m very excited to have Kirstine of The Exhausted Ettiquette as the first Delightful Deal!

My favorite piece in her store right are the white ferragamo flats (pictured above). But alas, they are too small for me. Some more of my favorite from her shop are:

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Ellen von Unwerth for Lula Magazine #2. via.
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Aly Janka.
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Maisie Cousins.
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