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Best date ideas for Summer

You can find interesting date ideas in any season. However, it is the summer months that can give you those bright and eventful days with your beloved one.

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There are plenty of ideas for a date in the summer, so here in this post we have chosen the best and the most unusual ones.

Dinner on the roof of the house

Elegant table setting and candles will not be the only thing that will make a romantic dinner on the roof really special – the warm tones of a summer sunset and incredible views will surely make this moment unforgettable.

If there is a rooftop cafe in your city, you can take your date there. And if not, you can organize it yourself. The main thing here will be to find a suitable place.

Two in a boat

Relaxing by the water in the summer heat is the best thing you can do. So if you have a park with a lake and rental boats or catamarans, go there.

You can take a basket of food and a bottle of wine with you, choose a secluded place, and have a picnic on the water. You can also enjoy swimming on such a date.

Graffiti art

If you are adventurous by nature and love to paint, then turn your date into a graffiti session.

Find an unpainted wall somewhere in a secluded place (but make sure that the object is not a residential building, store or garage, the best option would be an abandoned industrial facility), take paints and practice street art together.

Riding horses

You can turn your date into a horse-riding lesson. If your significant other is not afraid of horses, you can go to the hippodrome.

There you can take a lesson on horseback riding. And don`t you freak out - for the first ride, they usually take the calmest horse they have. Just think of how spectacular you and your date will look riding a horse.


Even in small towns, various degustations are often held. They can be carried out by private companies, cafes, restaurants and malls.

Wine, cheese, pastries and other delicacies perfectly fit into the romantic atmosphere. And to enhance the effect, you can try and feed each other.

Dance lessons

Many dance studios hold pair dance master classes. It can be a classic waltz or tango, rumba or hip-hop.

Also, nowadays the passionate Latin American bachata is very popular. This dance involves a close connection with a partner – just what you need for a romantic date.

Flights over the city

If in your city there is an opportunity to make an air travel, be sure to take this chance. Stunning views open up to familiar places from above, and your date will be astonished.

You can choose a helicopter or a small private jet, it doesn't matter - you will definitely remember this date for the rest of your life.

There are only stars above us

If you are planning a date in the evening, then do not miss the opportunity to watch the starry sky. It is better if there is an observatory in your city (by the way, they are often found in universities).

But you can just go out of the city, lie on the fragrant grass and admire shiny distant stars. And don't forget to make a wish for a shooting star.

Picnic in the park

In any city there is a park with cozy green meadows. There is no better way to relax than to lie somewhere in the shade on the lawn. Take a checkered blanket, a basket of food and drinks with you, and go under a cool shade of the trees.

Festival and exhibitions

If there is a festival or an exhibition somewhere nearby, you can have a themed date. Any topic will do - food, agriculture, sports, etc. In addition to the main program, there are usually various entertainment points - fairs, competitions, master classes and concerts. You will definitely have fun.