wet behind the ears.

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My Other Blogs:

Kathrynsora has become my main blog… I will still keep wetbehindthears up and running, but kathrynsora has become more special to me.

Stylized consists of fashion photos. 


What does wet behind the ears mean?

Wet behind the ears: informal - lacking experience; immature.

Can you interpret my dreams?

Leave me your dream in my ask box and I will get back to you as long as your ask box is activated. I am no longer doing this through the anonymous option though, so if you don’t have tumblr you can email me your dream at wetbehindthears@gmail.com 

When you send me your dream interpretations, if there are people in the dream please send me the first descriptive word(s) that pop into your head when you think of this person in waking life. For example someone could be funny and sweet or manipulative, etc.

Will you featured my artwork/photography?

Awesome! I love these. Please send me a link to your website/flickr/whatever and I will check it out!

Where did you find that photograph?

If an image doesn’t say “via” underneath it or from whom I reblogged it, click on it. I source everything properly. If it doesn’t have a click-through link then it is something I have scanned myself or I took it from my art history class slides. If you want to know more about an image and you don’t find any info on it, please send me a message with the link and what you want to know about.

What are your favorite blogs?

Please look at my favorite blogs here.

What is your tumblr theme?

Atlantic Noir.

Things You Should Know:

I don’t claim to have produced any of the art on this blog unless otherwise stated. This blog is for educational purposes and is not for profit. If you’ve been a featured artist on my blog and would like not to be, please email me at wetbehindthears@gmail.com and I will take your work down.

The header photo painted by me and the bottom tree image was photographed by me.

I love you.